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After you enjoy my slideshow,  Place Your Order for my eBook Dominic with 548 original sky, cloud, and moon photographs. With your purchase, gain unlimited access to my extensive photo gallery featuring hundreds of cloud and moon photographs free of charge!

Lisa Guy Book Cover.jpg

'Dominic' is a picture book full of heavenly bodies presented in a way you have never seen them. I bring the clouds and their secrets to you, up close and personal. 

The pictures of the clouds in chapter one alone will put you in a state of serene calmness by their ethereal beauty. 

My photographs of the moon may shake your very beliefs to the core.

The sky clock chapter may give you pause. I have taken a unique and fresh perspective of how a sundial works. 

We have no idea what wonderful things in the skies we have yet to uncover. 'Dominic' will have you re-thinking your faith and what you really believe in your heart of hearts. God's beauty is indeed found in nature.


If you are a person of faith, this Ebook is a must have!

"The Cloud, Sun, and Moon as you have never seen them" 


eBook (pdf)

one hundred twenty five pages

548 Awe-Inspiring

Original Sky Photographs

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